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Re: workflow broken in 1.3

>>>>> "Håvard" == Håvard Sørli <..hidden..> writes:
    >>> I understand where that's coming from. I need to think about a
    >>> good solution that would suit both you and an auditor to propose
    >>> to you.  Let me sleep on it a bit.
    >>> Isn't the true problem here though that you can't enter the
    >>> transaction in a non-local currency? Surely you should be able
    >>> to reconcile a USD amount against a USD amount. My expectation
    >>> would be that the USD amount is the same each time the bill
    >>> comes in.

    Håvard> (Just reading, have not done tests on this.)  I think the
    Håvard> correct accounting with this is to post the Invoice with the
    Håvard> "translated" currency to the books (with the date of the
    Håvard> invoice - and "translated" currency on that date.

The transaction on my credit card is in my currency (CAD).
The FX amount varies by the whim of the credit card company.  Given that
I might have multiple credit cards, and multiple FX events on the same
day, the current exchange-rate-du-jour code would get in the way of
entering an FX rate for the transaction appropriate to the credit card.

It seems that the only answer is that while I can have recurring
transactions for these things, I must not include the payment until I
get the credit card amount.  Since the FX rate gets in my way, I just
post it in CAD anyway.

There are other things which one would like recurring transactions for,
just as phone bills, where independant of FX rates, the amount varies
every month.

My workflow is now to just pull up the previous months transactions in
Chart-of-Accounts, middle click on them, copy-as-new, and enter.

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