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Re: workflow broken in 1.3

On 09. april 2012 22:53, John Locke wrote:
>> I understand where that's coming from. I need to think about a good
>> solution that would suit both you and an auditor to propose to you.
>> Let me sleep on it a bit.
>> Isn't the true problem here though that you can't enter the
>> transaction in a non-local currency? Surely you should be able to
>> reconcile a USD amount against a USD amount. My expectation would be
>> that the USD amount is the same each time the bill comes in.

(Just reading, have not done tests on this.)
I think the correct accounting with this is to post the Invoice with the 
"translated" currency to the books (with the date of the invoice - and 
"translated" currency on that date.

When you pay, you post the payment (on the date of payment, in your 
currency, and the difference to an Agio/ Disagio account.

Could the reconciliation post the diff to an Agio account?

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