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Re: workflow broken in 1.3

On Mon, Apr 9, 2012 at 6:58 PM, John Locke <..hidden..> wrote:
We run into this as well.

I'm not sure exactly what makes AP transactions end up in the Draft
Approval screen, while AR transactions get posted immediately, but
that's probably the most useful solution that's not far from being
workable -- making recurring AR invoices and transactions not post

In my setup (blank 1.3.14) AR and AP transactions have the same workflow: fill out the screen, Save, Post as saved. Output: posted transaction, empty drafts screen.

Is yours different? My user is set up with *all* roles available in the application. Is yours?
With AP, I end up with a bunch of transactions in Transaction Approval
-> Drafts -> AP, where I can edit them before posting. Is this because
they are AP instead of AR, or transactions instead of invoices? Don't
know. But in any case, this workflow does work for this purpose, and
perhaps can be adapted to your needs.

Transactions don't appear on the reconciliation screen until they are

This has an impact on the other thread going, about not being able to
delete or repost existing transactions. I'm all for that, as long as
there's a way to have a "draft" transaction that can be edited multiple
times before posting. Right now it's totally unclear to me which
transactions need approval and which get posted straight away -- AR
invoices definitely get posted immediately and can no longer be edited,
while AP transactions get put into the approval phase... Perhaps clarify
the "save" button to "save as draft" (if that's an appropriate word and
doesn't have some other specific accounting meaning).

Yea, there doesn't seem to be a Save button on the invoice screen. Given that there is one on the transactions screen, this may simply be an oversight. @Chris, can you tell us more about that?



On 04/09/2012 09:16 AM, Michael Richardson wrote:
> First, thank you for the FX current fixes in 1.3.14.
> It's not enough to solve the problems with my bank account and credit
> card reconcilliation starting amounts to match 1.2.x, however.
> The real problem I'm having is with my credit card workflow.
> I have a number of transactions which are recurring (hosting services
> for instance), but since they are in a foreign currency (USD), the
> actual amount that gets charged to my credit card is different every
> month.
> I had used a recurring/scheduled transaction, and I would simply edit
> the invoice each month based upon what was on my credit card statement.
> I do this in at least two tabs: one for the reconcilliation, one for
> editing the actual amounts. ÂI do the same thing for the credit card interest.
> That keeps me from most typing (and typing errors). ÂI can't do this
> anymore, because saving the transaction fails when there is a
> reconcilliation report open against it:

Well, without knowing what you're actually doing, it sounds to me like you're overwriting an old transaction which indeed shouldn't be edited anymore: after all, you reconciled, meaning that you verified the correct amount being on your credit card slip.

I'm wondering if I'm misunderstanding your intended result. From what I read, you intend to create a new transaction which is a copy of the old one, but with right amounts filled out. Is that correct?

If so, then, does the "Copy to New" button work for you? If not, I'm interested in learning why. [later: found you already answered that below]

Also, I think there's a solution around which has *exactly* the purpose to solve what you're trying to do: save a template transaction and copy that into real transactions periodically. The solution is the 'templatetrans' add-on. It's in Âthe LedgerSMB repository and you can browse its sources here:Âhttp://ledger-smb.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/ledger-smb/addons/1.3/templatetrans/trunk/.

Again, I have to refer to Chris for further details.Â
> Error!
> Â DELETE FROM acc_trans
> Â WHERE trans_id = '79996'
> Â ERROR: update or delete on table "acc_trans" violates foreign key constraint "cr_report_line_ledger_id_fkey" on table "cr_report_line"
> Â DETAIL: Key (entry_id)=(14353) is still referenced from table "cr_report_line".
> I have to delete the reconcilliation report first.
> This is very much unacceptable to me: it triples the amount of time if I
> have to go through the transactions (reconcile them all!) before I
> reconcile them.
> I'm trying Copy To New,Save,Post-as-Saved.
> I then have to delete the old transaction after I reconcile, which is
> also annoying.

Ah. I guess I asked my question too soon.

Why do you need to delete that transaction? Because the recurrence schedule generated a new transaction you just copied into another new one with the right figures? (I hope I'm getting it now.)

> In my ideal world, I'd much rather be able to mark the transaction as
> editable and do the final tweak of a few dozen cents on the
> reconciliation sheet...

I understand where that's coming from. I need to think about a good solution that would suit both you and an auditor to propose to you. Let me sleep on it a bit.

Isn't the true problem here though that you can't enter the transaction in a non-local currency? Surely you should be able to reconcile a USD amount against a USD amount. My expectation would be that the USD amount is the same each time the bill comes in.


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