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workflow broken in 1.3

First, thank you for the FX current fixes in 1.3.14. 
It's not enough to solve the problems with my bank account and credit
card reconcilliation starting amounts to match 1.2.x, however.

The real problem I'm having is with my credit card workflow.
I have a number of transactions which are recurring (hosting services
for instance), but since they are in a foreign currency (USD), the
actual amount that gets charged to my credit card is different every

I had used a recurring/scheduled transaction, and I would simply edit
the invoice each month based upon what was on my credit card statement.

I do this in at least two tabs: one for the reconcilliation, one for
editing the actual amounts.  I do the same thing for the credit card interest.

That keeps me from most typing (and typing errors).  I can't do this
anymore, because saving the transaction fails when there is a
reconcilliation report open against it:


 DELETE FROM acc_trans
 WHERE trans_id = '79996'
 ERROR: update or delete on table "acc_trans" violates foreign key constraint "cr_report_line_ledger_id_fkey" on table "cr_report_line"
 DETAIL: Key (entry_id)=(14353) is still referenced from table "cr_report_line".

I have to delete the reconcilliation report first.  
This is very much unacceptable to me: it triples the amount of time if I
have to go through the transactions (reconcile them all!) before I
reconcile them.  

I'm trying Copy To New,Save,Post-as-Saved.
I then have to delete the old transaction after I reconcile, which is
also annoying.

In my ideal world, I'd much rather be able to mark the transaction as
editable and do the final tweak of a few dozen cents on the
reconciliation sheet...

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