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Re: 42883:ERROR function does not exist

apallik wrote
> Dear all,
> I have been having the same problem when trying to install in MacOS X (vs
> 10.6.8).
> Actually there are a couple of issues with the latest installation
> recommendations on your site (ie
> http://www.ledgersmb.org/help/install/Install_LedgerSMB_13_Apple_OSX.html)
> First of, let me give you the specifics,
> PostgreSQL vs 9.1.3-1
> Ledgersmb vs 1.3.14
> I have been going through the steps trying to hack the problems
> encountered. I am pretty new to this, however having experience with other
> programming languages helped identify some of the problems.
> If you follow the installation instructions on your website, the
> postgresql is installed in the Library folder  and not the usr/share/...
> etc folder (unless you modify the path during installation). 
> This changes things quite significantly (especially when modifying the
> ledgersmb.conf file). 
> Anyhow, managed to install that, managed to install Ledgersmb on
> /usr/local/ledgersmb/ (one minor recommendation here is to tell people to
> copy the ledgersmb.conf.template file to ledgersmb.conf file since it does
> not exist and you get an error during perl Makefile.pl) made all the
> appropriate changes to ledgersmb-httpd.conf file (here you should also
> include in the instructions that you need to change the WORKING_DIR to the
> path of the ledgersmb folder, it took we a while to figure out and
> correct), and finally got to go through the /localhost/ledgersmb/setup.pl
> up to the point of login in with the postgresql password  and got an error
> relating to the contrib path. 
> After figuring out that the PostreSQL is not installed in the /usr/share
> folder but in the /Library/... folder, I modified the pointing path
> accordingly (again here you should mention to the instructions to change
> the path to the extensions folder, not the contrib folder and also the
> /Library/... folder not the /usr/... folder). After that, I managed to get
> to the point of setting up the database and then get the above error.
> I have no clue what to do from here, I am pretty certain that everything
> is pointing to the right path, when I open the error log file from
> ledgersmb there are only 4 lines saying "function does not exist". I
> unistalled and reinstalled everything but nothing changes.
> Any help would be appreciated.

Just looked through the error log file again and the apache log files and it
turns out that the problem occurs with psql command not found. Even though
when I do echo$ PATH is see that my path is set correctly and when I call
psql from terminal it responds, it seems not to identify the command when
called through the Database.pm file that creates the new database. Hope this

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