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Re: Migration Note: "isZero" errors

On 12/04/02 19:19, Chris Travers wrote:
> There are issues in some versions of Math::BigFloat.  Which version
> are you running?  I just checked and for some reason I think I am
> running 1.6.  Did you install from CPAN or from your distro's repos?

I don't have a distro.  My Perl is 6.14.2, and  I installed the modules 
from CPAN.  My version of Math:BigInt and Math::BigFloat  is both 1.997 
(which cpan says is "up to date").  Installing Math::BigInt::GMP does 
seem to have eliminated a lot of the errors in my webserver logs.  The 
other error I'm seeing a lot, now is:

Name "Config::Std::Hash::DEMOLISH" used only once: possible typo at 
/usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.14.2/Class/Std.pm line 522.

Of course, I'm still getting errors in LedgerSMB itself, but only in 
places where I don't have previous records (some business datasets have 
purchase orders, and some don't, and I don't seem to get the errors 
where they already exist.)

I realize this is the tail-end of patched-up ancient history, and I'm 
trying to jump on from the side, converting so late from SQL-Ledger.  
Once I get the taxes done, I'll see if I can get up to 1.3, and 
hopefully I'll catch up to some of the things you've repaired.
Thank you!
Victor Wren

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