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Re: Upgrading and converting: SL-->LSMB 1.1-->LSMB 1.2.26

On Sun, Apr 1, 2012 at 7:14 PM, Victor Wren <..hidden..> wrote:

> That's reasonable (as long as the historical transactions are still
> attributed to the correct users--or if they don't care if the users who
> posted them no longer exist, which would be expected in a company where
> staff changes).

Employee records import.  User/auth records do not.  So this is not
currently a problem.
> Going through 1.2 to get at 1.3 is still the suggested route. The book also
> contains an appendix on migration (Appendix B) which says ""Yet, while item
> 3 [a stricter data model] is a good reason to want to switch, it’s also a
> reason why migration from older versions to 1.3 can be harder than earlier
> migrations: when the data in your older version is not consistent, it won’t
> fit into the new data model and will need to be fixed first.""
> I'm hoping there will be some tutorial on ways of fixing inconsistencies?
> Or is that too broad a category?

When you run the setup.pl, it will attempt to detect these
inconsistencies and give you a chance to fix them (I just added this
to the book btw).  One thing to keep in mind is that fixes to this are
written to the *old* data before the migration is run, so this part
persists even after backing out of the upgrade.  If it still fails it
will give you an idea why in the dblog_stderr (in /tmp/ or
/tmp/ledgersmb depending on configuration) and you can get help on the
lists here.

> So, if you were asking me, I'd go forward, spending no more time on
> migrating users, instead going to 1.3 and spending the time you have on any
> potential data inconsistencies. Please note that your migration issues
> provide very valuable insight both to develop better migration scripts as
> well as a source for problem solving for anybody coming after you, if you'd
> share your experiences here.

I would suggest that. Remember everything except for data integrity
fixes can be rolled back during the 1.2-1.3 upgrade.  In fact, we
provide a script for this.  the one thing to keep in mind is that when
you are done backing out, and you have gotten help as to why it
failed, you probably want to drop the lsmb13_fail schema as that will
prevent the next try from being backed out of easily.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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