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Re: Upgrading and converting: SL-->LSMB 1.1-->LSMB 1.2.26

Hi Victor,

On Sun, Apr 1, 2012 at 5:30 PM, Victor Wren <..hidden..> wrote:
I built up a new server (from compiled sources), and I'm trying to move
an existing SQL-Ledger 2.6.27 system over to LSMB (these were running on
an ancient Fedora 4 system). ÂI first converted to 1.1.12, per the
suggestions, and it seemed to go smoothly-- It had exactly the same
problems as SL at that level (didn't play nice with Perl 5.14 or
PostgreSQL 9), so once I verified that all my data and user accounts
were working correctly, I tried to bring things more up to date by
moving to 1.2.26.

Ok. This is still the advised upgrade route.
I'm pretty sure this would be easy to clean up, if I knew where things
were supposed to be pointing, and which database which tables should
live in. ÂShould there be one user database or several? ÂIf the
user-data belongs in among the accounting data, how to get past the
"session" relation error (e.g. just drop the "session" table before
importing Pg-central)? ÂHow do we get from the user database to the
accounting info database (obviously not an issue if the user info lives
in the same database)? ÂIf multiple user databases are employed, how
does ledgersmb.conf work with that (or multiple companies for that matter)?

Thanks for the extensive context you provided! It helps getting a picture of where you stand with your migration and where you want to go to. At this point, I would actually stop working to get the users migrated from 1.1 to 1.2 (which is still the route to go: there are migration scripts to go from 1.2 to 1.3).

The reason I'd stop trying very hard to migrate the users - if all else works - is documented in the book I've just started writing on 1.3 (http://book.ledgersmb.org/1.3/ledgersmb.pdf; Appendix A Section A.1 Users): ""Itâs this shift in paradigm that makes it impossible to meaningfully migrateÂusers from older LedgerSMB and SQL-Ledger versions to LedgerSMB 1.3.""

Also, is going from 1.1.12 to 1.2.26 worth it, or am I going to have
exactly the same amount of pain going 1.2.26->1.3? ÂShould I go straight
from 1.1.12 to 1.3.x? Or should I go straight from SQL-Ledger 2.6.27 to
ledgerSMB 1.3.x?

Going through 1.2 to get at 1.3 is still the suggested route. The book also contains an appendix on migration (Appendix B) which says ""Yet, while item 3 [a stricter data model] is a good reason to want to switch, itâs also a reason whyÂmigration from older versions to 1.3 can be harder than earlier migrations:Âwhen the data in your older version is not consistent, it wonât fit into the newÂdata model and will need to be fixed first.""

So, if you were asking me, I'd go forward, spending no more time on migrating users, instead going to 1.3 and spending the time you have on any potential data inconsistencies. Please note that your migration issues provide very valuable insight both to develop better migration scripts as well as a source for problem solving for anybody coming after you, if you'd share your experiences here.

Next to seeing your experiences, we'd love to help you forward, if we can.

I hope this doesn't sound as confused as I feel. ÂThanks!
Victor Wren

On the contrary! Your story was very clear and to the point. I hope my answer helps you forward!


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