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Re: Reposting invoices

Hi Andrew,

On Thu, Mar 29, 2012 at 4:00 PM, Andrew Rowland <..hidden..> wrote:
Hi Eric

Thanks for your input and the e-book is a great idea.
However I should have mentioned that I have both of these options set:

Enforce transaction reversal for all dates ÂÂÂ No
Activate Audit trail ÂÂÂÂ No

Ok. In that case, you probably need to log into your database and execute the statement:

 ÂGRANT DELETE ON acc_trans TO lsmb_<your_company>__ar_all;

And you need to make sure your user has the "ar all" role as visible in the System -> Admin users -> Search -> Edit screen. Note that even though the Delete button is there, it has caused issues where re-stocking was involved, leading to incorrect stocked amounts when used.
But it doesn't seem to help. There's no obvious way to edit an AR invoice and I'm unable to delete it

ÂI'd like to come back to your point of "I don't want that clutter" though. From a non-accounting perspective, that's probably what it is (clutter), but from an accounting perspective, it's very important not to delete, but void instead: what you call clutter is called "audit trail" from an accountants' perspective and may be important to have if you ever need to have your books checked by an accountant or the tax authorities.

Moreover, should your business grow and should you need to hire accounting personnel, you need the audit trail to detect fraud. And since processes carry over from one person to another, it's best to work fraud-free from the beginning.

Anyway, I hope the above suggestion works.


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