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Reposting invoices


After upgrading from 1.2 LedgerSMB 1.3 is now working well for me, however I find that I'm unable to alter or delete an invoice when I make even a minor error. Common mistakes are getting the date wrong of forgetting to change the drop-down for the customer which by default comes pre-popupated with the first entry in the debtor list (maybe this could be empty by default instead).

Anyway under 1.2 with audit trails turned off, I could edit the invoice and re-post to correct this. It wold give a warning but that's fine. This seems to be not possible in 1.3. There is no POST button for an existing invoice and whilst there is a delete button it gives a permission error when I try to use it.

ERROR: permission denied for relation acc_trans

I know this is possibly by design and that I probably should be voiding invoices and re-creating them but I'm not an accountant and I don't want this and all the clutter that this involves. The LSMB Manual suggests that this should still be possible

LedgerSMB has a capability to require such reversals if the business deems this to be necessary. When this option is enabled, existing transactions cannot be modiïed and one will need to post reversing transactions to void existing transactions before posting corrected ones.

Could someone please point me at some settings or failing that DB permissions that will allow this to work


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