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Options for installing Ledger-SMB

I'm struggling to find an accounting package that suits my needs, that
also is not more expensive than I currently can afford.  Sure I could
go with something as simple as a spreadsheet in LibreOffice.  Doesn't
really suit my needs that well.  Ledger SMB looks to be a good fit,
but the last time I tried to install it on my OS X machine I spent
hours and hours trying to get it installed, and never managed to get
it installed.  I've thought of a number of options, one of which would
be purchasing a netbook with some flavour of Linux on it.  Problem
with that idea is that comes into the too expensive for my business at
this time right now problem.  So any other ideas?  Ways to get Ledger
SMB running on my iMac? Or some other option that might be somewhat
similar to Ledger SMB, that is easier to setup under OSX?

Thank you

Jigme Datse Rasku


Jigme Datse Rasku
Datse Multimedia Productions
Unit 42
567 Ward Street
Nelson, BC V1L 1T1

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