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Re: Options for installing Ledger-SMB

On Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 12:26 AM, Jigme Datse Rasku
<..hidden..> wrote:
> I'm struggling to find an accounting package that suits my needs, that
> also is not more expensive than I currently can afford.  Sure I could
> go with something as simple as a spreadsheet in LibreOffice.  Doesn't
> really suit my needs that well.  Ledger SMB looks to be a good fit,
> but the last time I tried to install it on my OS X machine I spent
> hours and hours trying to get it installed, and never managed to get
> it installed.  I've thought of a number of options, one of which would
> be purchasing a netbook with some flavour of Linux on it.  Problem
> with that idea is that comes into the too expensive for my business at
> this time right now problem.  So any other ideas?  Ways to get Ledger
> SMB running on my iMac? Or some other option that might be somewhat
> similar to Ledger SMB, that is easier to setup under OSX?

When did you try to install it on OSX?  Do you know what sorts of
problems you ran into?

I don't have immediate experience with OSX, and since Seneca hasn't
been active for a while I don't know anyone on the project who has
tried to run it on that platform.

Here are the thoughts I do have off the top of my head:

1)  There are people who have claimed to have some issues installing
PostgreSQL on Mac OSX.  Many others claim to have had few issues
installing on that platform though.  I would recommend compiling from
source if you run into trouble.

2)  You would certainly need the GCC  and cpan to install.

3)  I don't know if the instructions we have rely on any gnu-isms in sed.

4)  GNU-isms have been reported in the
tools/prepare-company-database.sh, which means I would presume this
tool (not really required) wouldn't work.  Use the web-based setup.pl
interface instead.

So I can't give you a definite answer.  However, maybe those pointers
are useful and help you evaluate?

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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