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Invoice and Parts tracking separately

Hello there!!!

I'm planning to implement on a business that has many point of sales, there are a couple of questions that maybe someone could help me:

* Each point of sale will generate an invoice through AR, there is a local regulation that says the first five digits on the invoice should be location code... lets say: XXXXX-YYYYYYYY, where X is a fixed location for that point of sale and Y is the unique invoice number for that location that should be fixed on 13 digits.

Is there any way to configure it?

* Each point of sale should have its own warehouse where there is just a portion of the full quantity of parts that I have.

Is there any way to keep tracking each stock on warehouseÂseparately?

I'm not getting how to do it with the actual framework and I'm not sure if it supported, planed as feature or just a crazy idea.
Thanks in advance.-
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