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1.2 -> 1.3 - Unable to log in


I finally managed to get my 1.2 database upgraded to 1.3 but find myself unable to log in using my application level user account.

After conversion I got a user creation/import screen which I'm not sure worked correctly.

Looking in the database there is a user created in the company database

mycompany=> select * from users;
 id | username | notify_password | entity_id
  1 | andrew   | 7 days          |        49

1.2 had a ledgersmb username/password hard coded into configuration but 1.3. seems to only use the application user only so do I not also need a postgres account as well for this user? Currently there is none (only ledgersmb)

Looking in the PG logs it's failing on what looks like a PG authentication

 password authentication failed for user "andrew"

I think something went wrong in the user creation step. Is there any way to re-do this as if I re-run setup.pl it doesn't give me that screen again

Any idea how to do this or even to fix it using some SQL



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