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Re: LSMB integration with e-commerce?

On Wed, Mar 7, 2012 at 6:30 AM, Iserv-appbox <..hidden..> wrote:
> Hi,
> We are looking for an Open Source e-commerce system to market our Linux PC
> solutions. Several promising OS e-commerce systems are available: osCommerce,
> OpenCart, ZenCart, Apache OFBiz, Drupal/UeberCart, OXID eShop, etc.

Interchange also looks interesting FWIW. (http://www.icdevgroup.org/i/dev).
> Question is however: How to integrate the e-commerce system with LSMB?
> Has anyone any experience with this?

I think the first issue is to sketch out the problems and concerns
before getting started.  I am not sure there is a simple
one-size-fits-all security structure here.

The immediate one that comes to mind is security.  You probably don't
want your LedgerSMB instance to be publicly accessible, so this means
it is best to have some sort of real data bridges which go back and
forth.  Where I have done SQL-Ledger  based shopping carts in the
past, the main accounting system has been diferent from the one used
on the web site, and quite frankly I haven't done any since the fork.

Depending on the size of he business and  the need for real-time
integration as well as security, several different solutions may be
required.  I.e. a midsized business might put a replication db in
their DMZ and replicate in/out using Slony.  Then you might use
triggers to fire NOTIFY signals and copy data over to the other
application.....  A small business may wish to set up nightly jobs to
push/pull data, and allocate only a part of their stock for online
sales.  I have done this

> I searched the LSMB user mailing list for "e-commerce", but couldn't find much.
> Beamends sounds interesting as beeing a webshop based on LSMB.
> However the beamends webshop has been shut down:
>  "Under New Management - New website coming soon"
> Now the LSMB project beeing revived with 1.3 may be there is some new
> perspective on this front too..

I have some other thoughts.

I have done some integration work of this sort, but mostly involving
wholesale gateways, which meant stuff wasn't paid yet.  We imported as
sales orders to ensure someone was able to review the transactions
before posting them.  Doing this with paid invoices would currently be
a bit of a pain.  Ideally I think you'd import everything into a
staging schema in the LSMB db server and have someone review each
invoice before posting to the books.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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