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LSMB integration with e-commerce?


We are looking for an Open Source e-commerce system to market our Linux PC
solutions. Several promising OS e-commerce systems are available: osCommerce,
OpenCart, ZenCart, Apache OFBiz, Drupal/UeberCart, OXID eShop, etc.

Question is however: How to integrate the e-commerce system with LSMB?
Has anyone any experience with this?
I searched the LSMB user mailing list for "e-commerce", but couldn't find much.
Beamends sounds interesting as beeing a webshop based on LSMB.
However the beamends webshop has been shut down:
 "Under New Management - New website coming soon"

Now the LSMB project beeing revived with 1.3 may be there is some new
perspective on this front too..


Marjan Waldorp,

This is what I found in the LSMB users list so far:

Re: [Ledger-smb-users] Integration with e-commerce software?
From: <..hidden..> - 2010-05-26 17:33

Perl API that's about it. It is powerful and we use it to enter customers
and sales orders. You should also look into using slony for replication,
we use it to support real time inventory, and paperless invoice. If you
are not a programmer/business consultant, get one if you are serious with
the business. Good luck! Tim


Re: [Ledger-smb-users] Sizes of companies using LSMB
From: beamends <..hidden..> - 2009-09-19 13:58

We are a 3 person outfit. Expected turnover around 250,000 GBP. We
supply Land Rover spares over the counter and on-line. Our site at
www.beamends-lrspares.co.uk might give an idea of what we do - to save
you counting there are just over 54,000 unique parts there (so far!).
All the parts pages are generated direct from data extracted from LSMB
by a program I wrote. LSMB does all our stock control, accounting,
invoicing (we only use invoices for sales) etc - our accountant has his
own login so doesn't have to ring for every little niggle which is a



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