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Re: attempted upgrade from ledgersmb 1.2

>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Travers <..hidden..> writes:
    >> Further to my experiences: I report that most of my asset
    >> accounts and liability accounts are inverted.  Positive amounts
    >> show under "DEBIT", etc.  Ditto for Liabilities.  I have a few
    >> accounts that do not seem to be this way.
    >> Revenue and Expenses seem to be show in the right terms.  I
    >> looked and none of them have the "contra" bit set.
    >> Looking at the transactions themselves, they seem to be reversed,
    >> for instance when I setup cash when I started in 2003, I show a
    >> debit of 18K making my balance -18K, when it should be a +18K.
    >> Ditto checks written are "CREDITS" rather than debits.
    >> Any advice?  It's clearly systematic.

    Chris> Really? I have never seen this before.  A couple questions:

    Chris> 1) Are your books balanced in the trial balance?  

I can take a look, I haven't looked since the upgrade.
What I see is that the result of transactions into my Asset and
Liabilities accounts are reversed.  

Look at the beginning of time for my bank account:

I seem to recall that the credit/debit column was not always something
you could rely on in the ledger-smb days.  Maybe that is the origin of
the problem. 

    Chris> 2) Would
    Chris> you like paid assistance in looking at the data?

Perhaps.  I'd rather pay you to give me some additional tools to help me
than to fix one instance of data.

What I think would be the best thing to do, is for me to throw away my
entries prior to 2009-12-31.  I think I have too much "legacy" here. 
I would create a new set of books, setup identical chart of accounts,
set up the initial values sanely based upon my 2009 tax return.

What would make this problem much easier to bite off would be if I could
transfer the vendors, customers, and invoices/purchases for 2010. I
would be okay with loosing the payments/receipts, and having to
reconcile the 6 months of 2010 that I've already done.

On the other hand, this looks like a systematic thing in my data.

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