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Re: attempted upgrade from ledgersmb 1.2

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Richardson <..hidden..> writes:
    Michael> I currently run ledgersmb-1.2.17 on my laptop.

    Michael> I am moving to running ledgersmb 1.3.9 on a VM (XEN, domU
    Michael> is debian squeeze) at my office.  I've set things up
    Michael> properly I think.

    Michael> The VM template is used at another company to run
    Michael> ledgersmb-1.2.17.  I upgraded the postgresql to 9.1, but I
    Michael> could run 9.0 if someone felt that this was the reason.  I
    Michael> did install the contrib package, which I had in fact missed
    Michael> the first time.

I upgraded my laptop to 1.2.26, and saved the database.
I tried that, and got no data again.

I removed postgresql-9.1, and installed 9.0 (making sure to fix the
contrib directory), and went through the upgrade. Same result.

I'm going to sort out the duplicate invoice# problem in 1.2.26, and then
I think I ought to be able to run the upgrade script manually? 

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