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PostgreSQL and Perl - which version?

Hi List,


I am studying the LSMB install process.  The current stable LSMB version is listed as 1.2.25 and the corresponding system requirements for:

·         Perl 5.8 or higher  - newest release is 5.14.1

·         PostgreSQL 8.1 or higher – newest release is 9.1

·         Apache (version not specified) – newest release 2.2.21


My question: Should I be using current release minus some number of versions to get to a version that has been well tested and many know it works well with LSMB 1.2.25? 


For example, PostgreSQL 9.1 includes new features that may not have been tested with LSMB 1.2.25.  Here is what PostgreSQL 9.1 says about itself:

Version 9.1 delivers several features which users have been requesting for years, removing roadblocks to deploying new or ported applications on PostgreSQL. These include:

·         Synchronous Replication: enable high-availability with consistency across multiple servers

·         Per-Column Collations: support linguistically-correct sorting per database, table or column.

·         Unlogged Tables: greatly improves performance for ephemeral data”


Is my concern reasonable, since 9.1 was released on 9/12/11, while I think LSMB was released before that?  Could the new features interfere with processing?


My stronger uncertainty is with PostgreSQL 9.1, though Perl presents the same question.


Thanks for your advice.