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Re: Download link for RC2 - another suggestion


On 2011-09-24 03:36, Chris Travers wrote:
On Fri, Sep 23, 2011 at 10:15 AM, Philip Rhoades <..hidden..> wrote:

On 2011-09-24 03:09, Chris Travers wrote:
On Fri, Sep 23, 2011 at 10:06 AM, Philip Rhoades <..hidden..>

It is not really critical for me - I just thought it would be nice
have all packages that are required to be installed in one go (I
normally have PG installed already anyway).

The major reason to consider a separate package would be that 1.3
relies on the contrib modules which are packaged separately. ÂSo
having something which requires both the server and the contrib
modules to be installed might be nice (with .debs, one can list the
dependencies as optional, but that's not an option with rpms).

OK, sounds good.

So I am thinking of just creating a separate rpm with the additional dependencies. Âthis isn't such an issue beyond 1.3, because it isn't clear we need the contrib modules if we are willing to require Pg 8.4
or higher.

Pg 9.x is not in the lsmb roadmap and it will probably be the standard
soon . . how many using lsmb have talked about DB replication etc?

9.x is supported.  1.3.x is tested mostly currently on 8.3-9.0.  I
don't know of any reason why 9.1 would cause issues.

But supporting and requiring are different.  1.3 doesn't use any new
features added since 8.1, so that's the minimum version it can
theoretically run on.  8.1 is only supported through a few vendors
anymore and so given that security fixes are not available through
postgresql.org anymore, I don't officially support it.  A lot of
development/testing occurred on 8.2. I don't advertise support on 8.2 because it is nearing end of life, and 8.3 makes it easier to add full text indexing in a forward-compatible way. Unofficially, I believe it

Going forward though, and requiring 8.4 for 1.4 would allow us to use
WITH RECURSIVE instead of connectby(), and thus we can get rid of both
the tsearch2 and tablefunc dependencies.

That all sounds good - I am just doing my own thing now so I don't have to worry about client's server stability or anything anymore so for myself I will just use whatever the current version of Fedora uses - and that is still 8.4 at the moment. It is not likely I will have to think about DB replication again either.


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