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Re: bug? in 1.2.x: departments/accounts/projects change unpredictably on update or post

On Thu, 16 Jun 2011, brush wrote:

hi luke,

my oh my, after a few quick tests it seems you've nailed the behavior.  (this
is the "problem" with me not being the regular data entry person.)  at least in
1.2 -- i think that in 1.1 the behavior may have been more wideranging.

anyway, is this a "feature not a bug"?  ie. is it intended to "remember" the
previous values for account, dept, proj, employee, etc. for a particular

Well, whadaya know...
I did not remember, but I just went back and looked at the old SQL-Ledger manual, and it is documented for AR/AP, and Payment/Receipt forms.
It is not in the LSMB 1.2 manual, as far as I can tell.

So it is a feature which became undocumented.  Does that make it a bug?:)

I rather like it myself, or did once I figured out what was going on, although I don't think it always works.

and i'd recommend the behavior change so that if data has been entered in any
field other than customer/vendor, it remains intact on update.
i could look at trying my hand at a patch, with a little advice on how arap.pl
is trying to work.

The settings you first get, are the ones for the customer that was last used. I believe you would have to track what those settings were (hidden form elements), for E.G. department and AR Account, and then override the reset of those things to the customer's last used, if they no longer match on update, what they were initially.

Alternatively, a local patch to add javascript which either warns your users, or prevents changing of those fields until the customer is changed, might be easier for you to implement, while a bit less useful to the community.

Hopefully Chris will have better ideas.