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Re: bug? in 1.2.x: departments/accounts/projects change unpredictably on update or post

hi chris,

On Thu, Jun 16, 2011 at 01:33:09AM -0700, Chris Travers wrote:
> Two things that might help:
> 1)  What fields specifically are causing this problem?

department, "amount" (ie. the expense/income account), project, employee.

(perhaps also the payment account, ie. the asset account).

as luke indicates, at least the majority of the behavior occurs when a
customer/vendor is changed as well as other information.

but this is "natural" workflow, imho.  ie. go to AR->Add Transaction, enter all
the data in, then click "update" to make sure the numbers add up or whatever,
then click "post".  however, with the current behavior a change in vend/cust
(as usual) will undo many or most of the other select menus.

> 2)  are there duplicate db fields (maybe from the SL days) which are
> causing this?  The field to look at would be the id field of the
> relevant tables.  So for projects:
> SELECT id from projects
> group by id
> having count(*) > 1;
> It's possible the id sequence could have been messed up causing
> duplicate id's in some tables.  I have seen that a few times with SL.
> With 1.2, though,. you should have gotten errors when upgrading.

i checked on project, department, employee, chart, customer, vendor.  none had
dupe ids.

thanks for the thoughts!