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Re: bug? in 1.2.x: departments/accounts/projects change unpredictably on update or post

hi luke,

my oh my, after a few quick tests it seems you've nailed the behavior.  (this
is the "problem" with me not being the regular data entry person.)  at least in
1.2 -- i think that in 1.1 the behavior may have been more wideranging.

anyway, is this a "feature not a bug"?  ie. is it intended to "remember" the
previous values for account, dept, proj, employee, etc. for a particular
customer?  it seems the behavior is decidedly buggy if user has already entered
information into those categories -- this has been a major source of errors for

if the behavior is to remain, i'd strongly advise a clear warning on the AP/AR
entry page.

and i'd recommend the behavior change so that if data has been entered in any
field other than customer/vendor, it remains intact on update.

i could look at trying my hand at a patch, with a little advice on how arap.pl
is trying to work.

thanks again,

On Thu, Jun 16, 2011 at 04:12:41AM -0400, Luke wrote:
> For what it's worth, the only time I've seen these change, is when you 
> have altered them (department, for example), and then change the 
> customer/vendor and hit update.
> I often used to set the customer, set the department, set some other 
> things, and enter my first product number, before hitting update, to save 
> updates on a slow web server.  Only to realize later, that my department 
> and other such things had changed to something else.  So now I update the 
> customer/vendor first, and hit update, prior to any other changes.
> Probably not what's happening to you, but it's the only time I have 
> noticed something similar.
> Luke
>   On Thu, 16 Jun 2011, brush wrote:
> > hi folks,
> >
> > i'd love help with a nagging problem:
> >
> > on AR/AP entries, the selected values for department, project, expense/income
> > account, and employee are all vulnerable to "disappearing" or changing to other
> > values on update or on post.  the update behavior seems to be the most
> > reproducible, with some specific accounts always changing on update, but not on
> > post.   more sporadically, "post" will not actually touch the db but will
> > effectively "update", with changed information.
> >
> > i have a db that has been upgraded for about 6 years, from old versions of SL
> > back in the day.  it's entirely possible, i imagine, that some peculiar db
> > corruption is causing this behavior, which i've not seen described on this list
> > or in docs/buglists, etc.  (*has* anyone seen something like this?)
> >
> > this behavior existed in SL, in 1.1.x, and i just upgraded finally to 1.2.22
> > and the behavior remains.
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