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Re: bug? in 1.2.x: departments/accounts/projects change unpredictably on update or post

For what it's worth, the only time I've seen these change, is when you have altered them (department, for example), and then change the customer/vendor and hit update.

I often used to set the customer, set the department, set some other things, and enter my first product number, before hitting update, to save updates on a slow web server. Only to realize later, that my department and other such things had changed to something else. So now I update the customer/vendor first, and hit update, prior to any other changes.

Probably not what's happening to you, but it's the only time I have noticed something similar.


 On Thu, 16 Jun 2011, brush wrote:

hi folks,

i'd love help with a nagging problem:

on AR/AP entries, the selected values for department, project, expense/income
account, and employee are all vulnerable to "disappearing" or changing to other
values on update or on post.  the update behavior seems to be the most
reproducible, with some specific accounts always changing on update, but not on
post.   more sporadically, "post" will not actually touch the db but will
effectively "update", with changed information.

i have a db that has been upgraded for about 6 years, from old versions of SL
back in the day.  it's entirely possible, i imagine, that some peculiar db
corruption is causing this behavior, which i've not seen described on this list
or in docs/buglists, etc.  (*has* anyone seen something like this?)

this behavior existed in SL, in 1.1.x, and i just upgraded finally to 1.2.22
and the behavior remains.