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Re: Tex Order Template Weirdness

On Fri, 10 Jun 2011, Chris Travers wrote:

On Fri, Jun 10, 2011 at 4:45 PM, Luke <..hidden..> wrote:
I've never run into this.  Only thing I think I did, was upgrade from 1.2.18
to 1.2.21.

When I try to print PDF, I'm seeing this.  The order template itself is

If 1307747392_sales_order_11000009.log exists anywhere, I can't find it.

A couple quick questions (since I doubt that the templates themselves
would have changed)

I don't think they did--the last file update date was before the upgrade.

2) Does reinstalling 1.2.18 fix the problem?


Could it be that my template is wrong in some way? I know only enough about tex to muddle through. While I am about 90% sure that this template was working under 1.2.18 (I distinctly remember testing it with no such error as what I'm getting now), I can not explain why it now fails under 1..2.18.


Overfull \hbox (10.95003pt too wide) in paragraph at lines 26--27
Runaway argument?
   { \textbf {Ordered By} \vspace {0.3cm} \par Customer, Inc. \par
   ! File ended while scanning use of ..hidden..
   &lt;inserted text&gt;
   &lt;*&gt; 1307784319_sales_order_11000005.tex
   ! Emergency stop.

Seems to refer to this, which is not at all lines 26-27, with or without included letterhead:

\textbf{Ordered By}

<?lsmb name ?>

<?lsmb address1 ?>

<?lsmb if address2 ?><?lsmb address2 ?><?lsmb end address2 ?>

<?lsmb city ?>
<?lsmb if state ?>
\hspace{-0.1cm}, <?lsmb state ?>
<?lsmb end state ?>
<?lsmb zipcode ?>

<?lsmb country ?>


<?lsmb if contact ?>
<?lsmb contact ?>
<?lsmb end contact ?>

<?lsmb if customerphone ?>
Tel: <?lsmb customerphone ?>
<?lsmb end customerphone ?>

<?lsmb if customerfax ?>
Fax: <?lsmb customerfax ?>
<?lsmb end customerfax ?>

<?lsmb if email ?><?lsmb email ?><?lsmb end email ?>

 > If these are true then we need to look one place.  If not, it may be a
different problem.

It seems like it may be the "different problem".