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Re: Postgres problem on LedgerSMB (Ubuntu 10.10)

On Tue, 2011-05-03 at 02:27 -0400, Luke wrote:

> > And since when should you have to reboot a linux system to upgrade it?
> You shouldn't.  I've upgraded PostGreSQL on Ubuntu many times, and never 
> ran into any such strangeness as that.

Same here.

> I'm not even exactly sure how a reboot would fix that, unless it be a 
> library being cached for some reason.
> Hmm, some other process keeping it open maybe?

Yes, exactly. I've been running Linux systems for many years and it just
hadn't occurred to me to try a reboot. I thought that maybe it was a
library caching issue which is why I tried rebuilding the ldconfig
tables. But it didn't help. Your thought about a process keeping it open
is a possible if the upgrade didn't restart the database itself.

> > I'd bitch at the Ubuntu folks ...
> Definitely.

Well, I'll try but rebooting has largely destroyed the evidence of

Many thanks to all of you for replying