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Re: PayPal Integration

This whole line of thought opens up the area of API's
Having a programmatic way to access the accounting system (other than faking out the web interface) is to some extent a vital feature. Another nice feature would be the ability to set up events. For example allow an external program to be run whenever an invoice is created or changed. It may be possible to simulate events using triggers on the Postgres database but I am not sure.

There looks to have been some work done on an api in the past but I could never get anything to work for me.

A super cool groovy ability would be some kind of plug-in architecture but that's a real wish list kind of thing.

Lyle wrote:
On 23/02/2011 23:40, Luke wrote:
On Wed, 23 Feb 2011, Lyle wrote:
I think on one of their APIs you could automatically bill customers you have
paypal agreements with. Taking the money right out of their account without
the need for any request or payment link.
You might be talking about subscriptions, or recurring payments.  I think
those are for pre-set fixed amounts only, although I haven't looked into

Subscriptions and recurring payments are fixed, that's not what I'm talking about. Anyone who has paid for McAfee or Facebook adverts by paypal should know what I mean...
Take a look at who has access to your paypal funds. Click on them and you can see how much they can take at any one time. Warning! This might be pretty scary for some of you :P

For those sensible people that don't want to click the above link, login to paypal then click profile, under Financial Information click My pre-approved payments.


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