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Re: PayPal Integration


I've got a similar idea that might share a solution: a custom payment link.

We currently accept payments through Ubercart on our web site. I've set
up an invoice product there, with fields for amount and invoice number.
I can construct a link that adds the product to the user's cart with
appropriate values and takes them straight to checkout.

I'm sure you can do the same with Paypal -- construct a payment link.

What would be highly useful is to have some sort of link builder
available in LSMB, to auto-generate a payment link using rules specified
by an admin... I see wanting to do this from both individual invoices as
well as AR -> Aging.

Hmm. Maybe simplest place for now is to add to the statement.html that
gets generated from the aging report...


Luke wrote:
> Has anyone done any LedgerSMB PayPal integration?
> I am pondering the idea of a "post and send through PayPal" invoice 
> option.
> The idea being, that posting an invoice to PayPal enabled customers, would 
> act through the PayPal API to invoice them or send a money request, based 
> upon the posted invoice.
> There are other directions to use in coming up with something similar, and 
> I'm not sure how good an idea this is, but it was in interesting thought, 
> since I just basically performed the manual version of that process.
> Luke
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