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Re: PayPal Integration

On Wed, 23 Feb 2011, John Locke wrote:

I've got a similar idea that might share a solution: a custom payment link.

We currently accept payments through Ubercart on our web site. I've set
up an invoice product there, with fields for amount and invoice number.

That is one of the user-driven methods I am deploying on our site now as well, although probably using either Payments API and Drupal invoices, or a similar module. However, doing it your way might make it easier to migrate to UC when the back office process supports individual products - thanks for the idea.

> I can construct a link that adds the product to the
user's cart with
appropriate values and takes them straight to checkout.

I'm sure you can do the same with Paypal -- construct a payment link.

Yes, although my idea was going from the other direction. Many of my customers (probably 70%) who use PayPal, prefer that we create money requests for them. So my thinking was that from the LSMB side, being to have a link on an invoice (or as you say, aging/outstanding report), which automatically does that based upon the LSMB invoice, would save quite a bit of time.

Your user-driven method might be a close second in usefulness, however--perhaps a field added to emailed invoices, providing a link to a PayPal payment form for that invoice? That deserves some thought.
(In the body of the email, not the actual PDF invoice)

 > What would be highly useful is to have some sort of link builder
available in LSMB, to auto-generate a payment link using rules specified
by an admin... I see wanting to do this from both individual invoices as
well as AR -> Aging.

Hmm. Maybe simplest place for now is to add to the statement.html that
gets generated from the aging report...

I need to track down the PayPal link/button generation code.

This seems doable. Not exactly what I had in mind, but far quicker to implement most likely.