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Ongoing AR/AP tax problems

Hi all

I believe I may have found a bug - I am using 1.2.20 and the bug is
not listed in the changelog for 1.2.21.

I have many AR transactions where the tax is included (Tax Included is
checked) and the tax amount is entered (but not checked). The tax
amount is calculated by the user outside the package and entered into
LSMB in this way, so there is no automatic calculation by LSMB.

When I do an AR report and include Tax,  some display only the tax
portion of the AR transaction (as expected), and some entries show a
tax figure for the entire total of the AR transaction.

I have checked the individual ledgers and they appear correct so this
appears to be a display bug in the AR reporting.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Also, I notice a number of questions over the past few months relating
to automatic calculation of AR/AP tax have gone unanswered.

Back in the earlier versions of LSMB, checking the box next to Tax on
an AR/AP entry followed by an Update had LSMB calculate the tax for
you (the result depending on whether you had Tax Included checked or
not). This was standard behaviour in SQL-Ledger and it appeared to be
ported over correctly but seems to have broke in subsequent LSMB

Can someone who understands the code-base comment on whether we will
see a fix for this either in 1.2 or 1.3 ?