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tax calculation quirk.

First Off I screwed up our PST to HST conversion so I am faced with going back to fix these problems.

I added HST as a tax without a start date and we started converting our products/services to have HST instead of PST. This worked well since we were billing in advance for some services and the law said that we must apply the tax in advance also.

I have fixed the HST to have a start date and PST to have an end date.

Now I have invoices that have HST applied in the GL but when pulled up to view do not have any HST appearing in the AR->Transactions screen.

Problem 1:
The transactions screen is not a true representation of the information in the GL which is a problem. Reprinting an invoice that has taxes applied that do not agree with the GL. which is a much bigger problem.

Problem 2:
It is not possible to add/change the actual taxes charged in sales invoice.

Not sure how to fix this.

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