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Trial balance vs account breakdown inconsistency

Hello all,

I have spotted a weird inconsistency in the trial balance vs the account
detail which I cannot logically explain. When viewing the trial balance
for a particular period, the credit column for Accounts Payable is x.
However, when clicking through on the Accounts Payable account number to
get the breakdown over that period, the credit column total is now
x minus 10 (and the finishing balance is also down by 10).

Now, this is causing a problem as the balance sheet for today is wrong
as it seems to have the extra 10 pounds (like the trial balance has)
which should not be there.

So, assuming that the account breakdown for Accounts Payable has the
correct figure (and I'm satisfied that this is the case), how can I go
about finding and removing the spurious extra 10 pounds as reported in
the trial balance and the balance sheet?


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