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HST change fixes in branches/1.2

Hi all;

Sorry for the delay on these but we have working HST fixes in branches
1.2.  I would expect a pre-release later this week,

To use these you, I would recommend having all the db hotfixes
(sql/fixes/*) run on the database prior, and you will have to set your
taxes to a rate of 0 for the time period they are not in effect.

I.e. HST would be a rate of 0, valid until July 1 of this year with
then the appropriate rate(s) after that (if applicable, for various
accounts).  Similarly GST would be valid until that same date, and
have a rate of 0 after, and the same with PST.

Please check to make sure the user interface is correct and that
invoices print out properly.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers