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Re: Running Multiple Profiles with Firefox was Recurrent "session expired" notices

Great stuff, David.

Is this done the same way for our Windows using friends?  If you know...



On Mon, 10 May 2010, David Godfrey wrote:

Sorry all,

The url below was incorrect, it should have been

David Godfrey wrote:
This is a repost, with extras, of another email I sent on this subject.

As I mentioned in another email, using multiple system users to run
multiple firefox sessions is not required, nor would it be generally
advisable as XAUTH issues can make it difficult.

A better solution is to use multiple firefox profiles.

Information on doing so can be found at
WRONG URL  http://www.sbts.com.au/addons.php
in the "Firefox Multiple Profiles" addon.

NOTE: It is not really an addon, but some information and commands you
would need to run.

There are two reasons that ledgersmb users would want to use multiple
profiles, and a third reason for everyone else to do so too.
   1. You need to log in to ledgersmb as 2 or more users on the same

   2. You need to log in to ledgersmb and another system that runs on
the same server, eg: cups web interface, phppgadmin, etc

   3. You use some form of software that you wish to have as "safe" as
possible from outside attack. eg: ledgersmb, internet banking

Items 1 and 2 when attempted from a single Firefox session will cause
"session expired" pages to be ruturned each time you switch login instances.

Item 3 is an issue any time you are dealing with information that others
should not have.

The most important thing to remember if you are going to use multiple
profiles is that you should only use each special profile for the
purpose it was created.
For example: If you create a profile for "internet banking" only ever
use it for internet banking, as soon as you use that profile for general
web browsing you start to defeat the purpose behind having that profile.

If anyone would like more information, or has something that should be
added/changed in the instructions please let me know.
The wording could possible be improved, and there may be small
differences for different os's

David Godfrey


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