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Re: Running Multiple Profiles with Firefox was Recurrent "session expired" notices


Thank you for taking the trouble to post all this information.  I've
found out everything I wanted to know about my immediate issue and
lots more besides.  My accesses of sensitive sites will be more secure
in the future!


On 10 May 2010 11:15, David Godfrey <..hidden..> wrote:
> Sorry all,
> The url below was incorrect, it should have been
> http://www.sbts.com.au/lsmb/addons.php
> David Godfrey wrote:
>> This is a repost, with extras, of another email I sent on this subject.
>> As I mentioned in another email, using multiple system users to run
>> multiple firefox sessions is not required, nor would it be generally
>> advisable as XAUTH issues can make it difficult.
>> A better solution is to use multiple firefox profiles.
>> Information on doing so can be found at
>> WRONG URL  http://www.sbts.com.au/addons.php
> http://www.sbts.com.au/lsmb/addons.php
>> in the "Firefox Multiple Profiles" addon.
>> NOTE: It is not really an addon, but some information and commands you
>> would need to run.
>> There are two reasons that ledgersmb users would want to use multiple
>> profiles, and a third reason for everyone else to do so too.
>>    1. You need to log in to ledgersmb as 2 or more users on the same
>> machine.
>>    2. You need to log in to ledgersmb and another system that runs on
>> the same server, eg: cups web interface, phppgadmin, etc
>>    3. You use some form of software that you wish to have as "safe" as
>> possible from outside attack. eg: ledgersmb, internet banking
>> Items 1 and 2 when attempted from a single Firefox session will cause
>> "session expired" pages to be ruturned each time you switch login instances.
>> Item 3 is an issue any time you are dealing with information that others
>> should not have.
>> The most important thing to remember if you are going to use multiple
>> profiles is that you should only use each special profile for the
>> purpose it was created.
>> For example: If you create a profile for "internet banking" only ever
>> use it for internet banking, as soon as you use that profile for general
>> web browsing you start to defeat the purpose behind having that profile.
>> If anyone would like more information, or has something that should be
>> added/changed in the instructions please let me know.
>> The wording could possible be improved, and there may be small
>> differences for different os's
>> Regards
>> David Godfrey
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