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Re: Recurrent "session expired" notices

On Saturday 08 May 2010 Malcolm wrote:

> I'm running ledgersmb 1.2.21 on Ubuntu 10.04.  I frequently need to
> have two or more databases open in different tabs of my browser.
> Until recently, this did not seem to cause a problem.  Now,
>  however, whenever I switch from one tab to the other I get a
>  "session expired" notice as soon as I try to do
>  anything.  Re-entering the password gets me back in, but when I
>  switch back to the other tab the same thing occurs.  This happens
>  with Chrome, Firefox and Konqueror.
> If I open the databases in different browsers I can switch between
> them quite happily, which makes me think that a second session may
>  be deleting or overwriting a cookie needed by the first session to
>  remain active.
> Is there a fix for this, apart from collecting as many browsers as
>  one needs databases opened simultaneously!

That is an interesting question. Personally, I would create separate 
users on my Linux system and open browsers under those users to do 
this. Here is the method I would use:

 * Create a second, third, etcetera Linux user account(s).
 * Login to my primary user account on the Linux system.
 * Open Firefox and login to LedgerSMB as a user for a database I
   designate(!) to be for my primary Linux user.
   (! Mentally designate that is.)
 * Open a terminal window such as xterm.
 * Use "su - user2name" to login to my second user account. Where
   "user2name" would be replaced with the actual login name for that
 * Start Firefox in the xterm window for that user and login to the
   LedgerSMB user and database I have mentally assigned to that user.
 * Repeat as needed for additional users and databases.

This will keep the sessions separate even should they all use a 
similar cookie. This is accomplished because each user on the system 
has his own directory. Note that I do not use Ubuntu and am presuming 
this works on Ubuntu. Since the 'buntu folk do stuff rather odd by 
avoiding su in favor of sudo one may need to figure out how to do this 
using sudo.

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