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Re: Two more patches for LedgerSMB that I forgot to mention

On Mon, May 10, 2010 at 5:00 AM, Armaghan Saqib <..hidden..> wrote:
> The best way to stay updated with all my changes is to subscribe to
> commit messages mailing list. You shall get email as soon as I push
> changes to github. The message includes:
>   * Files changed
>   * Link to commit diff on github.com
>   * Log message which also includes any applicable install/upgrade
> instructions.
> Join this list here:
>  > http://lists.ledger123.com/mailman/listinfo/sql-ledger-commits

Looks like I posted the link to SQL-Ledger commits list.

The correct list for ledgersmb commit messages is:
   > http://lists.ledger123.com/mailman/listinfo/ledgersmb-commits

- Sql-Ledger hosting, docs and development
- http://www.ledger123.com/