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Re: Remote login

Yeah, can't get rid of the corp mentality and it seems a committe is still
needed prior to upgrading our back office solutions. Yeah, it was 7.3 in
2002, upgraded to its terminal 9 release, and not until 2009 we upgraded
to Centos 5.3. I don't remember it returned anything when I tried yum
search openswan. That's probably why I didn't give openswan a test drive.

Perhaps the message is some business still can't afford, for one reason or
another, a back office solution that has too many patches or upgrades in a
"short" amount of times. My software provider had probably wondered why we
had paid for support twice in 8 years--the first time the manual for
starting with the software, and the second time the manual when an
upgraded was performed. Yes, the upgarde was painful.


> On Sat, Mar 27, 2010 at 12:06 PM, Tim Lai <..hidden..>
> wrote:
>> Try openswan way back redhat7.3. Can't get it to compile. Is openswan
>> easier to implement now? We are always short of time so had to take
>> the easier path. Tim
> OpenSWAN on RH 7.3?  RedHat always made custom kernel modules a bit of
> a problem to compile so I would not be surprised at difficulties.
> Most distros now come with OpenSWAN as a package which can be
> installed.
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