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Re: Remote login

On Sat, 27 Mar 2010, David Godfrey wrote:

We Looked at openvpn and other VPN options, but there are limitations,


including the setup requirements, and issues with dynamic IP's

Which issues are those? Given that I do it on a daily basis, I am curious.

It currently does require that the server have a world accessible ssh
server, but then OpenVPN also needs world accessible ports too.

There are solutions such as port knocking to deal with that, if it is a

However, with OpenVPN, assuming you don't run it in server-client mode, the ports don't actually have to be open.
That is why it can work through firewalls.

Of course, it does require extra setup, but there are windows versions, and scripts can be distributed.

I'm not saying that ssh does not have a valid place in this--it is easier to do port forwarding, for example--but I'm not sold on your reasons for avoiding OpenVPN yet.