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Re: Remote login

Hi Richard,

Please contact me off list. I have a set of scripts that should allow you do "painlessly" make remote connections via an ssh tunnel.

Eventually I will publish these scripts at http://www.sbts.com.au/lsmb/addons.php but for now there is a bit too much modification required for any specific client to make that a good idea.

We have been using these scripts for quite some time and they work well.

Personally I would never open the lsmb server directly to the web, it is fairly trivial to do the access via a tunnel which is generally far more secure.

Also a tunnel allows you to use compression, which can speed up transfers on slow connections.


David G

beamends wrote:
Hi All,
not strictly a LSMB issue.....

I'm trying to login from a remote location (i.e. the other side of our
router), but after the "small" login screen that usually vanishes to be
replaced by the real LSMB login screen Apache throws up "Internal Server
Error". I've been here before but for the life of can't remember what it
is that I should be configuring!
Sorry for being in thick mode - it's Friday, nearly home time and it's
been a long week!

Thanks in advance,