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Re: Include this bug fix in next 1.2.x release?

Personally, I don't want to take effort away from 1.3/2.x. So now let me
change my mind and say "don't bother" with a checkbox.

On the earlier DVCS dicussion, I'd vote for git (because we already use
it for everything -- and keep a git mirror of the lsmb svn tree here:
git://git.freelock.com/git/ledgersmb.git - browsable at
http://git.freelock.com/?p=ledgersmb.git;a=summary). So I would just
create a new branch for the unpatched version, for those who need the
old behavior...

+1 for making the behavior correct and as expected by default, with a
prominent notice of the fix in the release notes. And I can create an
unpatched branch in my repo if somebody really needs the old behavior.

John Locke

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Subject: Re: [Ledger-smb-users] [Ledger-smb-devel] Include this bug fix
in  next 1.2.x release?
From: Luke <..hidden..>
To: LedgerSMB Users <..hidden..>
Cc: Development discussion for LedgerSMB
Date: Thu 11 Mar 2010 10:45:38 AM PST
> On Thu, 11 Mar 2010, John Locke wrote:
>> Hi, Chris,
>> Haven't had a chance to read through all the architecture posts. But on
>> this bug fix, YES!!!
>> I've got some immediate needs to run this type of report right now,
>> showing balance due at a particular date and excluding subsequent payments.
>> Would be great to have this as an option on the selection screen,
>> something like a checkbox for "include all payments" vs "include
>> payments before date" for those who might need the current behavior (I
>> personally don't, as long as I'm aware of the change...)
> I was thinking the same, as I actually do see a use for the 
> current behavior, and haven't decided what my personal preference is on 
> this yet.
> It is clear that the bugfix provides the "proper" and "expected" behavior, 
> but getting the current information would not only require running two 
> different reports and comparing, but would also not be guaranteed to 
> pickup all payments, because future dated ones would still not be 
> included.
> The checkbox, if possible, would seem the ideal solution, defaulting to 
> off of course.
> Something like "include payments posted after report date"
> Luke
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