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Buying a cash account


An accounting question...  I am looking for a good way to do this...

1.  My company buys an asset from another company for $1000.00.
Simple AP transaction would do it I believe.

2. The asset is a deposit account in a third party corporation, which my company has acquired rights to the funds and use of.

3. So the result of that purchase, is that my company now has a deposit account with a third party organization, presumably equal to that same $1000.00.

Normally, to get money into and out of that account, I could do a cash transfer from checking, as I would between any other cash accounts.

However, how to deal with the original purchase, since instead of just opening the account and transferring into it, I am in effect buying it from a vendor, who is doing (has done, actually) that transfer?

Would a simple AR transaction with that vendor as a customer, be sufficient to make it all wash out properly? I could receive payment into that third party deposit account instead of checking.