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Re: Include this bug fix in next 1.2.x release?

On Thu, Mar 11, 2010 at 10:45 AM, Luke <..hidden..> wrote:

> I was thinking the same, as I actually do see a use for the
> current behavior, and haven't decided what my personal preference is on
> this yet.
> It is clear that the bugfix provides the "proper" and "expected" behavior,
> but getting the current information would not only require running two
> different reports and comparing, but would also not be guaranteed to
> pickup all payments, because future dated ones would still not be
> included.

I think we would need to define "current data."

The aging report is really supposed to show outstanding amounts at a
specific point in time, and how long the money has been owed.  I would
feel a little strange looking at aging reports to look for payments
posted in the future.  I am not even sure what a future-posted payment
would be in real financial terms unless it's an error.

The transactions and outstanding reports do not filter by date in this
same way and so if you are looking for how much money you are owed by
a customer, those would be preferable reports to use since at that
point you aren't looking at how long money has been owed for.

One possible case I can see would be a very different report, useful
for looking at average periods between invoice and payment for various
customers.  I think that would need to be a separate report just for
display reasons.
> The checkbox, if possible, would seem the ideal solution, defaulting to
> off of course.
> Something like "include payments posted after report date"
Hmmm...  That would require breaking both feature and string freeze.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers