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Re: Usage Requirements Discussion for 2.0

Luke wrote:
On Sat, 6 Mar 2010, Chris Travers wrote:

1)  Would you like to see an interface included in the default
installation for tracking addon modules and installing them?

My gut reaction to that is: yes, why ever not?

The problem is: how? It is likely that some of those are going to require some extra PERL modules, and surely you don't propose trying to audomate that.

This is a difficult issue, there is no question.
Luke as you are aware I am currently trying to complete a set of install scripts to complement the existing (for 1.3) make script that will allow correct installation of lsmb on a new system of any (linux) flavor. It can be extended to work on a windows/bsd/unix platform as well, the only thing required to do so is someone that is prepared to test, and help debug any issues.

Once this suit of scripts is complete, it will allow perl modules to be installed in a slightly better manner. By default installing from distribution vendor packages, and if a package is not available then via CPAN. Other options should be easily added, if there are any.

This is all customizable per operating system, and in the event that a particular user wants to alter how it is done, or even choose to just have a file generated listing modules that need to be installed, they can do so.

At this time it is written as a console based script, but could easily have a web front end added.

I would be interested on everyones thoughts for this.

David G