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Usage Requirements Discussion for 2.0

Hi all;

I have been discussing on the -devel list some of the design choices
in moving from 1.3 to 2.0.  I figure that the functionality elements
should be discussed here.,

What I have proposed is moving most of the functionality that
currently exists in LedgerSMB into add-on modules so that businesses
don't need to install everything.  This would mean fewer dependencies
for most users, and fewer features in the minimal installation.
Eventually all the features that exist in 1.3 will exist there too.

The key elements that I would like to see users comment on is:

1)  Would you like to see an interface included in the default
installation for tracking addon modules and installing them?
2)  Would you be interested in seeing 2.0 released when the minimal
version is available even without addons?

The minimal version would include:

1)  User Management
2)  Chart of Accounts Management
3)  GL transactions
4)  AR/AP transactions/invoices without defined goods and services
5)  Basic vendor/customer management.
6)  Memorized transactions
7)  Full separation of duties (as per 1.3) for affected functionality
8)  Basic financial statements plus trial balance
9)  Two independent modules for handling payments/receipts would be
available out of the box and selectable during the installation

Other features (inventory, invoices against goods and services, point
of sale, etc) would be available as separate modules and available as
developed.  This would allow these portions to be released on a
separate release cycle from the main application.  This would also
open up these areas for alternate versions.

Under this plan, we would generally expect most of the next few years
to have more addons developed for 1.3 than 2.0, and support for 1.3
would likely be available for at least the next four-five years
(possibly much longer).   That would allow people to upgrade as they
can without a lot of pressure.

What do people think?

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers