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Re: slow responsiveness of Cygwin install of ledgersmb 1.2.20

On Wed, Mar 3, 2010 at 8:23 PM, Todd B <..hidden..> wrote:
>> We don't support ActivePerl.  Use VanillaPerl instead.  (VanillaPerl
>> is a minimal port of Perl via MinGW.)
>> But on the whole you are right.  It's FAR better to use native Win32
>> applications.
> Thanks for the insight.  It sounds like Cygwin has some real limitations
> which LSMB is running up against.  At least I know it's probably not a
> configuration issue.  As it turns out, installing LSMB under Cygwin isn't
> too difficult.  For those inclined to try, just make sure you upgrade gcc to
> version 4 in order to get the necessary Perl modules to build.
> When I have some time I'll have to look at a Win32 native solution.  A quick
> glance reveals that the current Vanilla Perl doesn't support Win2k, which
> is, of course, the OS I'm working with.  Maybe an older version of Vanilla
> Perl will do just fine.  If I come up with something workable, I'll give a
> follow-up.
I would chat with the folks on the #win32 channel.  I know Vista
pre-SP1 was a real problem but due to MinGW issues.  I did a lot of
the testing for 1.2 on Windows XP.  You might be able to build
VanillaPerl on Windows 2000 using an appropriate version of MinGW....

Best wishes,
Chris Travers