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Re: slow responsiveness of Cygwin install of ledgersmb 1.2.20

We don't support ActivePerl.  Use VanillaPerl instead.  (VanillaPerl
is a minimal port of Perl via MinGW.)

But on the whole you are right.  It's FAR better to use native Win32

Thanks for the insight.  It sounds like Cygwin has some real limitations which LSMB is running up against.  At least I know it's probably not a configuration issue.  As it turns out, installing LSMB under Cygwin isn't too difficult.  For those inclined to try, just make sure you upgrade gcc to version 4 in order to get the necessary Perl modules to build.

When I have some time I'll have to look at a Win32 native solution.  A quick glance reveals that the current Vanilla Perl doesn't support Win2k, which is, of course, the OS I'm working with.  Maybe an older version of Vanilla Perl will do just fine.  If I come up with something workable, I'll give a follow-up.