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non-billable time disappeared

Hi guys,
I have certain situations where I want to give project time away for free, but I want it represented on the Sales Order and Invoice. For example, I make a quick call to the client with a project status - so I create a Time Card with a physical time of 5 minutes and I say that 5 minutes is Non-chargeable. 

However, the Time Card does not appear in the list of open Time Cards. It does, however, show in the list of closed Time Cards.

What I want is some way to get the five free minutes on the Sales Order without having to manipulate the line item after the SO has been generated. I just want the Invoice, and therefore the customer, to know that they got a freebie.

I am working with 1.2.10 (I know its old) but I did not see anything in the changelog that TimeCards had been updated.

Paul W