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Re: Items ordered by description

On Tue, 19 Jan 2010, Stroller wrote:

> I'm inclined to think that the best answer is to offer *both* options  
> - perhaps if Javascript is present then the html sort option you  
> propose (before submitting the query) could be hidden.
> Really, Javascript (note: Java*script*) is very common - it is used in  
> many many websites that most people visit every day, and it's what  
> allows Google Maps to offer its in-browser interactivity.
> The interface of LedgerSMB seems almost 1990s by comparison (ok... but  
> pre-2003, at least) and this kind of sorting would make it sleeker and  
> help gain acceptance. It is quite frustrating to sell the client on a  
> perfectly suitable open-source solution, only to have them look  
> askance at you because it doesn't look pretty enough.

I agree with you about the "prettiness factor", but do keep in mind that 
there are still many good reasons for having a graceful fallback to 
non-js.  Basically, don't use it for anything that actually _needs_ to 
happen in order for the software to function.

I deal with several weird environments.  If javascript is required, it may 
be that API integration will become problematic.
Text based browsers will have problems (not such a big deal, since few use 
My biggest issue: mobile browsers will have problems.

As things are increasingly going mobile, having a foot in that door is a 
very good feather in the LSMB cap.  To code ourselves out of that market 
right as everyone else is simplifying to get into it, is pure absurdity.