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Re: various minor issues

On Tue, 19 Jan 2010, David Godfrey wrote:

>  2. invoice number right away.  The flow of doing invoices, for this
> client, is such that they would like to know the invoice number before
> the invoice gets posted, else they have to go back to see it.  As far as
> I know, the invoice number only gets created at post time, or when the
> invoice gets emailed (maybe when it gets printed too, I don't print so I
> don't know).  Is that just the way it is going to be, or would there be
> something I could modify that would bring the invoice number up on the
> first update instead?
>  This should be doable, I will hopefully be talking to one of the 
> developers shortly,
> so will find out if it will be a problem and look at providing a patch.
> I will need to know what version of LSMB you are running.
>  1.2.18 - I believe that to be the current stable version as of when I
> installed it some weeks ago.  Am looking very forward to trying 1.3, but
> not here.
> I also think Stoller's idea is very plausible.  I haven't implemented it
> yet, but I think that it will be a very good solution.
> I was thinking of something similar. but from memory the invoice number
> is not displayed after printing, although it has been generated and
> assigned, as it is on the printed invoice.

The invoice number is not generated during updates.  If you set the 
destination to "screen", and the format to "pdf"/"ps", and hit "print", 
the program has a problem in that there is no invoice number.  So, that 
print becomes nothing more than an update which generates an invoice 

Thus, after that first print, you now have an invoice number, which 
appears in the invoice number field.  You could still change it and update 

If you actually want the PDF/PS file, you'd have to click "print" again.  
In physics terms, it's a push 1/2 button--you have to click it twice to do 
it.:)  Clicking it once will get you the invoice number you want though.